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Throughout all programs, caregivers and parents will work as partners to share important aspects of each child. By sharing observations and growth, and developmental milestones, this partnership will ensure each child is learning to his or her highest potential.


SEEDLINGS [Infants & up to 24 months]

The infant program at Theodore’s Academy is exceptional in the fact that it goes beyond regular daycare practice. Our caregivers strive to create every possible opportunity to bond and develop trust with not only these special little ones, but families as well. Our infant room was created to make our infants feel safe and happy while they cannot be at home. Our caregivers will guide development by creating a nurturing environment, providing stimulating and educational toys to explore, and age appropriate activities to help the little ones stay curious in their learning journey.

SPROUTS [2 Years]

As these curious little ones are growing, Theodore’s Academy strives to focus their energy into learning moments that are guided by positive encouragement and guidance towards developing milestones and physical skills. These children are given time to explore both indoors and outdoors. Within these classrooms, teachers provide a stimulating environment, immersive learning experiences, many educational and stimulating toys, and activities throughout the daily routine to help the children learn through play. Caregivers set challenging, yet achievable goals for each child.

We begin toilet training in this room, it based on each individual child and family’s needs. This will continue into the Early Preschool classroom as well, if need be! We understand each child goes into this potty journey at a different time, and with a different perspective!


LITTLE GARDENERS [Early Preschool]

Preparing for preschool is an exciting time for little learners and families. Before entering our preschool at Theodore’s Academy, children will be in our “early preschool” classroom. It is in this room that our caregivers and teachers provide ample opportunity to promote preschool readiness skills. These skills include independence, learning how to self-regulate, follow simple directions, follow built routines, and collaborating with others to solve problems.


Preschool is a crucial checkpoint on the path for academic success. Preschool helps build the tools children will use in kindergarten. Our goal is to provide hands-on learning experiences that will build the important school readiness skills.


We follow all Iowa DHS guidelines and rules.

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